Lindsey Forwarders, Inc. first opened for business in 1989 and is a major freight forwardering company for agricultural products including grass seed straw and hay exports. Initially, they provided international freight forwarding services to wastepaper shippers around the country. They were quote “travel agents” for over 100,000 40’ containers of old newsprint and old corrugated containers sent primarily to Korean and Thai pulp and paper mills.

Willamette Valley farmer harvesting grass seed

Containers ready to load on a Vessel

In the mid-1990’s, Lindsey Forwarders started serving Willamette Valley grass seed farmers who sold the fescue and rye stumpage as hay to feed hungry cows in Japan. They  currently manage the logistics for well over 1000 containers each month of hay shipments and straw exports that originate all over the Western United States and penetrate deep into the Pacific Rim.

Lindsey Forwarders, Inc. helps make our loyal customers successful by providing the following services in a pleasant, consistent, and competent way:




  • You get expert insights and timely advice regarding the trends in the worldwide shipping industry and your specific commodity logistics needs.
  • You get aligned with strong relationships with all major steamship companies in the trade to insure you get the best freight rates, space, and service for your containerized shipments on the many vessels leaving the West Coast every week.
  • You get bookings, equipment releases, phytos, late gates, and ITN filing done on time and accurately so you and your buyers stay happy and don’t get fined.
  • You get your commercial, banking, and government documents done right the first time so you get your money fast.
  • You get competent and experienced trouble-shooting on all logistical issues that inevitably happen when you ship 100’s of containers each year.
  • You get knowledgable advise regarding shipping to ports in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan